Robert’s Favorite Things




  • Jeweler’s saw and bench pin – these two are used in conjunction with each other and allow for more detail that is possible with any other tool.  I use the saw to cut clay after it’s baked to make the most detailed inlays and to cut pieces of baked clay to fit into bezels and other spaces.
  • Flex shaft or flexible shaft machine – used for drilling, sanding, polishing, filing, riveting, and a thousand other possibilities.  I like the flex shaft instead of a Dremel™ type tool as it has an infinite foot pedal meaning that it can go from zero rpm’s up to high speed smoothly as opposed to having fixed speeds.
  • Craft knife with #11 blade – I use this knife constantly for cutting but even more often for putting in texture, scratches and age marking into the baked clay.  Its size and pointy shape allow lots of detail easily.  I also reverse the blade in the handle and use the backside of the blade as well.


robert_rivetSmall rivet hammer – I don’t usually hammer the clay, but I use this hammer often to “dress”the edges of metal that I use with the polymer clay.

  • Teflon sheet – this is the material that I often work on.  It is a non-stick material that can go right into the toaster oven and allows for easy handling of my unbaked clay.
  • Round and square nose pliers – with these two shapes of pliers I can perform nearly all the tasks I need.  As well as holding with the pliers, I also use both shapes for putting texture on the clay, sheet metal and wire.
  • 1” electric belt sander – this tool will allow very rapid removal of material but is small enough to be easily controlled.  I like it because I can bring the work to it to insure accuracy while working faster.
  • Electric engraver – a small and easy to handle tool for mark making.  The engraver permits very accurate marks that have a different quality then marks made any other way.

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