Sandra McCaw


Sandra entered the art world with a background in the graphic arts. Precise geometric caning with polymer was a natural transition for her and how thankful are we that she was inspired early on by the work of Michael James, world renowned quilt artist?


Acknowledged internationally as an innovator and leading polymer clay artist and teacher, Sandra McCaw’s stylistic hallmarks are precision and attention to detail. Masterful use of color and intricacy of pattern distinguish her work, and my goodness, isn’t it just amazing!


Sandra says, “My inspiration derives from a fascination with the interplay of color, line and form. In working with polymer clay, I’m able to create complex patterns where lines seem to lose their distinction and blend, and where colors bloom and merge. Polymer clay, with its richness of color and flexibility, allows me to create the intricate patterns that I love.”


Sandra’s award winning polymer clay jewelry has been exhibited internationally and extensively published. Her unique work was selected as a Niche Awards Finalist in 2011 and 2009 and as a Niche Awards Winner in 2010. She received a Best of Jewelry award in 2009 from the prestigious League of NH Craftsmen. Her work is represented in the permanent collections of the Racine Art Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Sandra, in person is playful, resourceful, peaceful, encouraging, energetic and athletic – and that’s all in the first hour of her day.  She gives of herself with great love and passion which is evident in her own work, in her approach with her collaborator Leslie, and most especially her recent marriage to her beloved Wayne!  We teased Sandra unmercifully about the picture of Wayne she placed on her work table during our week in the Outer Banks. Recently she took him on an overseas teaching adventure.  Well, sort of, it was a cut out of his head with a paper doll-like body that she posed with all over Europe before he joined her for a romantic week in Paris. Guess we should add romantic to the list – cause she’s good at that too!

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